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The Tribune Company

Company: Tribune Company

            The Tribune Company is a multimedia company that operates businesses in publishing, digital, and broadcasting. The Tribune Company owns 23 television stations, 12 newspapers, one radio station, and multiple magazines. In 2010, the company’s revenue was $3.2 billion.


Ownership Map:

  • Radio:
    • WGN-AM Chicago
  • Cable:
    • WGN Americ
  • Television Stations:
    • WPIX-TV (CW) New York
    • KTLA-TV (CW) Los Angeles
    • WGN-TV (CW) Chicago
    • CLTV Chicagoland Television 24-Hour News
    • WPHL-TV (MY) Philadelphia
    • KDAF-TV (CW) Dallas
    • WDCW-TV (CW) Washington DC
    • KIAH-TV (CW) Houston
    • KCPQ-TV (FOX) Seattle
    • KZJO-TV (MY) Seattle
    • WSFL-TV (CW) South Florida
    • KWGN-TV (CW) Denver
    • KDVR-TV (Fox) Denver
    • WJW-TV (Fox) Cleveland
    • KTXL-TV (Fox) Sacramento
    • KSWB-TV (Fox) San Diego
    • KPLR-TV (CW) St. Louis
    • KTVI-TV (Fox) St. Louis
    • KRCW-TV (CW) Portland
    • WXIN-TV (Fox) Indianapolis
    • WTTV-TV (CW) Indianapolis
    • WTIC-TV (Fox) Hartford
    • WDAF-TV (Fox) Kansas City
    • KSTU-TV (Fox) Salt Lake City
    • WITI TV (Fox) Milwaukee
    • WCCT-TV (CW) Waterbury
    • WXMI-TV (Fox) Grand Rapids
    • KFOR-TV (NBC) Oklahoma City
    • KAUT-TV (INDY) Oklahoma City
    • WPMT-TV (Fox) Harrisburg
    • WTKR-TV (CBS) Norfolk
    • WGNT-TV (CW) Norfolk
    • WGHP-TV (Fox) Greensboro
    • WREG-TV (CBS) Memphis
    • WGNO-TV (ABC) New Orleans
    • WNOL-TV (CW) New Orleans
    • WNEP-TV (ABC) Scranton
    • WTVR-TV (CBS) Richmond
    • WHO-TV (NBC) Des Moines
    • WHNT-TV (CBS) Huntsville
    • WQAD-TV (ABC/MY) Davenport
    • KFSM-TV (CBS) Fort Smith
    • KXNW-TV (MY) Fort Smith
  • Newspapers:
  • Classified Advertising:
    • Classified Ventures
    • CareerBuilder
    • Apartments.com
    • Cars.com
    • For Sale by Owner
    • Homefinder
  • Magazines:
    • Chicago Magazine
  • Entertainment:
    • Metromix
  • Subsidiaries:
    • Tribune Media Services
    • Gracenote
    • Zap 2 It
    • Tribune Direct

            The Tribune Company is a multimedia conglomerate company based in Chicago, Illinois. It is the second largest newspaper publisher in the nation. The company was founded in 1847 and only owned the Chicago Daily Tribune. The company continued in the print media industry and began buying other print media outlets. By the mid 1920s, the Tribune Company began expanding horizontally by moving into broadcast media. The company eventually began accumulating online holdings as well. The Tribune Company’s reputable reputation was essential for its expansion and allowed for a synergetic operation.

            The Tribune Company owns several notable newspapers and radio stations. It is surprising and somewhat concerning to think that one company has control over such large media outlets. For example, it is worrisome to think that the Tribune Company can control the content of such popular papers that reaches millions and millions of people. Theoretically, if the Tribune Company had newsworthy information they wanted to suppress or promote, they could successfully do that on a national scale. Additionally, besides these large, well-known media outlets, the Tribune Company owns several lesser-known ones, further expanding its influence. Overall, the Tribune Company has access to an immense, frightening amount of power.